02 5 / 2012

New Nail Polish

New Nail Polish

28 3 / 2012


Hey guys! Due to the success of my other promotions I’ve decided to do my biggest one yet.

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On April first I will use Random.com to pick three winners. Each winner will get:

  • promotions on my page (I have about…

Beautiful flesh donut!

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28 3 / 2012

Anonymous said: Can't wait to see more. Pic of you sucking on a toy would be sweet and maybe a follow up pic of what you do with it : )

Thanks, youv’e got me thinking…here is something to pass the time


28 3 / 2012

our-sex-life-deactivated2013010 said: just reminding you that you can submit the picture you wanted to, to our blog. we answered your question as well! ;)

Just submitted something, kept it XY :)

28 3 / 2012

Is my dress too low?

Is my dress too low?

23 3 / 2012

Anonymous said: Would love to see more close ups like your first gape : D

 like this?

20 3 / 2012

Anonymous said: will you post more pleaasee


16 3 / 2012

15 3 / 2012

14 3 / 2012

waterjudoeen-deactivated2012041 said: thanks for the submission. looks fuckin sexy as hell. what were you using in that naughty hole of yours?

Thank you for the question ;) I was having a long, rough anal session but my naughty hole has taken a beating and stretching to get where it is, lots of toys, fingers, and cock!